Hunting Gollum Solo

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Khelben_Arunsun 4

After my first expansion arrive, this is the update version of my solo deck, freely inspired in Seastan's Solo Deck:

First of all, Enter Bilbo Baggins, exit Beravor. It was a tough decision, but one that paid itself in the long run: Bilbo don´t need to be exausted to give me another card, so I always have the benefit in my hands, even if that nasty Caught in the Web appear when I don´t have how to free myself. Bilbo also have a threath of 9, and even one point, in the start of the game, make a great diference. Without Beravor in the deck, I can use Unexpected Courage in Théodred. He don´t have the better armor like Beravor, but with the addition of some Dúnedain Mark, he can cleave his way around the monsters.

Westfold Horse-Breaker is a cheap ally that can save us a lot of trouble with his ability. Rivendell Minstrel have a great stat to go in the quests, and have the ability to bring to the hand the great Song of Kings - that will go in the hero using Steward of Gondor (if all is going ok, it will be Éowyn ).

I put all Strider's Path in the deck, so I can run without great incidents in the Hunt for Gollum. So far, I was able to defeat Hunt for Gollum quest with some patience, and I wipe out Passage Through Mirkwood in five rounds !