Moria Dance Party

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dcsellers38 23

A deck I have run in each of the three Khazad-Dum scenarios. I like using the same deck for all three, since each scenario is themed right after the other, makes it more enjoyable for me.

The deck has some heavy questing allies, which for the first scenario, 'Into the Pit', helps greatly since it is very easy here to get location locked and burned down with growing threat quickly. These allies come back to help in the next two scenarios by being good chump blockers against the endless hordes of Orcs.

Dwalin keeps my threat low, I use the attachments to buff him into an Orc slaying machine, and Gimli is my main tank/defender with Cit. plate - can also choose to use Unexpected Courage to either make Gimli an attacker and defender, or just allow Dwalin to kill an extra Orc and reduce even more threat - normally, I prefer the second option.

I only have Core, two Mirkwood AP's and Khazad-Dum. This deck can def. get better, but it is very fun to play, and Khazad's scenarios are extremely fun to run.