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ballin4nothin 18

I am going to be playing solo through The Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle. I created this deck to mostly handle everything from questing, card draw, and combat which is an essential balance when playing solo. Still undergoing testing and tuning as I progress through the cycle.

Some tips, tricks, and combos:

  1. Main focus of this deck is to put all Unexpected Courage, all Dúnedain Mark, Steward of Gondor, and Celebrían's Stone on Aragorn. He will be able to pay for and cards which is essential to this deck working. He can also be used to quest especially with the additional 2 from Celebrían's Stone and then spending a resource to ready him for combat. Try to save Unexpected Courage for combat since he is our main defender/attacker with awesome combat stats and a good amount of health.
  2. Éowyn will always quest. Use any unique allies/attachments already in play to feed her action. Try to play Erebor Hammersmith first to fetch an attachment, and then use that attachment to feed her.
  3. Song of Kings will almost always go to Bilbo Baggins since there are not much cards to pay for. He can help pay for cards in this deck since Aragorn might be paying for expensive cards once he obtains Celebrían's Stone. I usually keep Bilbo Baggins as an emergency defender with 2 defense. Just be aware of his 2 health.
  4. Try to save Sneak Attack with Gandalf for immediate damage or threat reduction, and a powerful ally for questing or combat.
  5. Since Aragorn is going to be handling a lot of the defending/attacking, prioritize Daughter of the Nimrodel to heal him.
  6. Save Faramir from exhausting until after the staging step. This way you know if you really need that extra willpower. Otherwise, you can use him to defend with a solid 2 defense and 3 health. This keeps Aragorn from having to defend, and instead, can hit like a truck with multiple Dúnedain Mark and Unexpected Courage.
  7. Westfold Horse-Breaker can help with questing but really is an emergency for when you don't have Unexpected Courage for Aragorn.
  8. Gléowine is for bad card draws where you just aren't getting the attachments to get Aragorn going. Otherwise, use him to quest.