Road to Rivendell

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gabysbrain 44

The deck I used to solo Road to Rivendell. The idea was to use Denethor with A Burning Brand as the primary defender. He can also do a bit of encounter deck filtering in combination with Henamarth Riversong. Elladan was the primary attacker and Elrohir was questing.


Dec 01, 2019 stryder011098 8

Third time in one night trying to beat Road to Rivendell and beat it with Gabysbrain's deck. Key was lots of allies (Guard of the Citadel and Gondorian Spearman) to be chump blockers (23 in this deck compared to others I played). Also, by luck, avoided Sleeping Sentry - was a discarded Shadow! Denethor with Burning Brand was key to no consequence defending. Steward of Gondor was on Elrohir because Leadership was the most # of cards/cost. Faramir appeared in last Stage (Stage 3) which allowed me to quest for 13+ on the first try and defeat the third stage. High five to Gabysbrain!