Caldara hates attachments

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Marcelf 1327

I dont really like attachments. So I was trying to build a solo deck that would be made to work without any attachment. Just for the fun because there is not much benefit not to play any attachment. Some shadow effects ask you to discard an attachment but thats about it.

And then i realized building a no attachment deck was way harder than I expected. Attachments are sometimes necessary for some gameplays (like O Lórien! for silvans, To the Sea, to the Sea! for noldor etc.). And some attachments are really autoinclude in certain decks (Steward of Gondor or Light of Valinor for example).

So finally i am going to test this Caldara deck. I would be happy if someone had ideas of improvements or of other no attachment decks.


Mar 01, 2018 Rouxxor 1543

We already have discussed this and what I build with this no attachment idea:

Good luck with your project ^^

Mar 01, 2018 Marcelf 1327

Thanks Rouxxor^^ We will have to vote for the best of these decks ;)

Mar 01, 2018 Rouxxor 1543

As we already say it will be Gondor Mono Tactics or Caldara. Playing one sphere is the new thing.