A Miner Affair

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StephenMotz 110

Here is my Dwarven mining deck.

Dáin Ironfoot: Lead from the rear. Keep him ready, put Unexpected Courage on him if it comes up.

Bifur: Resource smoothing master. You'll quest with him and put Narvi's Belt on him so you can have flexibility with the resources you pull from his ability.

Nori: Threat Reduction. You'll be playing at least 1 or 2 allies most rounds, so you'll see your threat stay low the entire game.

Strategy Tips:

"Always bet on 2..." - You'll notice that there are 22 cards in this deck that cost 2. combined with the 3 Ered Luin Miners and 3 Hidden Caches, you have a 56% chance of hitting pay dirt when you guess two while using your Zigil Miners.

"Watch your event cards." - You'll be flying through your deck a break neck speed, and you have options for fetching allies and attachments out of the discard pile with To me! O my kinsfolk! and Erebor Hammersmith. It is harder however, to keep crucial events from winding up in your discard pile. This is where King Under the Mountain, Dwarf Pipes, and Ered Nimrais Prospectors come into play: Use them to keep events like Will of the West in your deck or hand. Nothing is worse than completely decking yourself when you're less than halfway through a game (an easy task with this deck), and being stuck without a strategy for the rest of the game. It's also a good idea to have at least 1 Dwarf Pipe in play before you start going crazy with your Zigil Miners and A Very Good Tales.

"Invest in maps." - Ideally, you'll find yourself with a legion of dwarves and a ton of cash at your disposal. If you've been letting Bifur handle all of your money (and you should), you can invest in your Longbeard Map-Maker during the quest phase for big willpower boosts.

"Take all the Archery." - Arrows got your fellowship down? Throw dwarves at them! Watch them die! Recycle your deck! Watch them burst forth from the ground again! Throw them at more arrows! Not the Zigil Miners though, you need them.

"Meta Game Fun." How many time can you get through your deck before the game ends? Once, twice, or three times? If you deck yourself 3 times, give yourself the honorary title of "Miner of All of the Things".