Last March of the Ents

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Small stones start an avalanche (Hobbit - Ent decks)
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Olorin+1 250

_ “Side? I am on nobody's side, because nobody is on my side, little orc.”

'My dear Frodo!' exclaimed Gandalf. 'Hobbits really are amazing creatures, as I have said before. You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you at a pinch.' _

Hobbit-deck stays in secrecy (Merry's job) and quests. And Hobbits sing along the way (some songs included). Ent-deck rages in anger. Elrond primarily for defense. If threat strats to be a problem, Folco can go.

Come, my friends. The Ents are going to war . It is likely that we go to our doom ... the Last March of the Ents!