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Denison 575

The goal for this deck is to help the companion Leadership deck draw into the events necessary to continuously recur Gandalf.

Every turn it draws 3-4 cards for the other side, possibly 5 when Gleowine hits the table. Deep Knowledge, Heed the Dream, Ancient Mathom, and the Long Defeat will also help with card draw.

The secondary goal of the deck is to turn Bilbo into a monster quester. All songs go on Bilbo with Fireside Song being the eventual key card.

DĂșnedain Pipe can turn duplicate uniques into songs and keep the engine running. Just one copy of Love of Tales is enough to pay for the steady flow of songs, but if there are multiple copies out, things get bonkers fast. Bilbo usually quests in double figures by the end of the game.

This team can usually bide its time questing over the staging area until Mirkwood Explorer can knock out a thorny location in the staging area. Nenya is important to have in the opening hand for any quest that demands willpower right away.

There are probably other applications for this deck to help out someone else get to key combos. I would appreciate hearing other ideas for companion decks!


Mar 26, 2018 MDivisor 2

I've been trying to build a Voltron Bilbo deck ever since I got my copy of Fireside Song but haven't yet found a way to do it that I've liked. A support card draw deck like this seems like a fun solution!