Noldor Twins Power, Activate!

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TritonWreck 234

This is not a good solo deck because it can't quest well, but the goal of the deck is multiple defending and attacking across the table. To do this, load up the twins with defensive and offensive boosts and play Elven Mail for sentinel and Rivendell Bow for ranged.

To get attachments out quickly use Galadriel with Born Aloft or Sneak Attack to get multiple attachments for free (and get some willpower boosts). For card draw, use Gandalf, Foe-hammer and Valiant Sacrifice.

You need to also get a bunch of resources on the heroes so they can do their thing multiple times. Therefore, Heir of Mardil with Théodred are key to the deck. Mulligan for Heir of Mardil (or some kind of draw to get to it). I tried not to use Steward of Gondor in this deck but it definitely helps to include it. Heir of Mardil should go on Elrohir to get him resources from Theodred when questing. Theodred can also send Elladan a resource once in a while if needed.

Throw in sideboard cards based on the quest. If there are nasty shadow effects, add Armored Destrier instead of Gondorian Shield and Dúnedain Watcher. If you need more questing, add Blade of Gondolin and Grappling Hook. If you're fighting lower engagement enemies, replace Dagger of Westernesse with Sword of Númenor

This deck would also pair well with a Noldor deck since there's likely to be leftover toys in the deck the twins can share with others (bows and swords).