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LordTh 62

This is a normal mono-tactics deck with a lot of fun tools, both old and new. The deck is built around wanting to engage A LOT of enemies in different phases. You have Dúnedain Hunter and Knight of Minas Tirith to engage enemies in the planning phase, Wait no Longer to get enemies in the questing phase, then the normal engagement phase and lastly, both Aragorn and Tireless Hunters in the combat phase. Why do you want to engage all of these enemies then, you might ask? Well often you can help other players by doing it and you get a great effect (i.e. one less card for Wait no Longer), but the real reason is that you can handle it. With Thicket of Spears, and Oath of Eorl you will be able to kill them before they even attack you and with all the extra resources you get from Mablung it will be quite easy to pay for the events. You can also get the effect twice or more with Book of Eldacar.

Even if this is not going according to your plan, there are good defenders in the deck, Defender of Rammas and Gondorian Spearman with Raiment of War or Spear of the Citadel will make a great defender for you, also Aragorn with Captain of Gondor can defend in a pinch.

Now for attacking, of course Aragorn with Rohan Warhorse is a perfect attacker, also Dúnedain Hunter, Legolas and Knight of Minas Tirith are great attackers.

Weakness: The decks weakness is, no healing (at all), low card draw (only Legolas) and low on questing Éowyn and Mablung is your only dedicated questers (I do not count Gandalf). Best way to solve the first two are to have a friend play a lore deck, with healing and card draw for all (for example Deep Knowledge). The last one can also be solved by having a friend quest and you attack, but I also included the new card Followed to help with the questing. ¨

Starting hand: I would suggest on having some kind of defense, for example, Feint or Defender of Rammas. Also Legolas, Dúnedain Hunter or Knight of Minas Tirith are also good for attack and/or effects. Otherwise most card are great having. You can play any card turn 1 (except Gandalf and Legolas), and with some engagement shenanigans you can get even more resources and play more cards.

The deck is quit easy to play and can be played by most player. The problem is the questing but if you can drag down the enemies fast, you do not need to quest very hard. The decks strengths is of course defending and attacking. It works solo, tested it against "Journey down the Anduin" and it worked fine. A fun deck that uses new and old card to engage enemies and killing them off before they attack. Hope you like it.

P.S. If you are playing against a battle quest (a quest with the battle key-word) you might wanna switch Éowyn to another Hero. I would suggest either a defender like Beregond or another attacker like Gimli or Éomer.