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Spellpierce 33

A new Version of my Locationhandling Deck.

I added Thurindir and swapt out the Ent-Combo. What i like is, that -beside- Glorfindel this Deck doesnt block to many often played Cards, so its easy to find a Deck Teaming with this.

With Thurindir watch, what is happening in the Setupphase. If its able to do the Sidequest for +1 Questingpower, do it. I think this is very strong in this Deck because most times you will Quest with all 3 Heros. Thurindir get 4 Willpower, Idraen 3 Willpower and will Quest always due her untap Ability and Glorfindel with Light of V. will Quest always too because of not tapping for Questing.

Gahter info is some good too, with only "4" Points its easier to run first Round. You and Teammate getting the best card out of the Decks, thats rly strong too.

The Teammate should play some Sentinel stuff. The Defence of the Deck is subterrainien =) Tale of T. can help in some Situation adding Glorfindels Quest to the Defense of Idraen. Coney is another option to deal one time with heavy Attacks.

What it offers: 6 x Canceleffect "when revealed" (Test of Will and Halfling Bounder) 6 x Carddraw 3 x Sidequest 3 x "a not so good" Feint Effect 6 x Shredding Locations (Hiers/Scout) not yet calculated the overpowered Asfaloth + Warden of Arnor Useful good Questpower -> early with Refugee + Heros With the Sidequestswords maybe Idraen + Glorfindel offers some useful Attackpower

This is not a Gandalf - Sneak - Steward Deck but i think paired with another fitting Deck this can handle a lot. What you think about it? What would you change?