Galadriel Unleashes Fangorn -- advice needed

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Mad Morderan 114

The power of this deck depends on an effect I'm actually not sure about: Galadriel's ability to allow allies just played not to have to exhaust to commit to the quest. If this applies to Ents, then it means they can quest on the first turn they are played even though they are already exhausted. Which would be incredibly nice.

Aside from that, obviously you will want to get Nenya out ASAP so Galadriel will get the icon, using a mulligan, Mirror of Galadriel, Heed the Dream, and Daeron's Runes, Gather Information and Galadriel's ability herself to get it as first priority. Otherwise you will have a very hard time with resource matching.

I haven't played this one yet; any suggestions would be welcome.


May 11, 2018 Devaresh 1898

Cool looking deck. Unfortunately Galadriel doesn’t work with Ents because you cannot commit exhausted characters to the quest or any action that normally requires exhausting them. Same would apply for a character with Light of Valinor or another similar effect. Ents are so good they may not even need that effect though!

May 11, 2018 Mad Morderan 114

Ah ok. Thanks for the clarification. That helps. So I will stick with my previous version of this deck which uses Rossiel instead lol.

Nov 07, 2022 druthers 38

really late to the party here but i think there is still potential to make this deck work. i am no expert on the game, by any stretch, but if you really wanted to make it work you definitely can. certain readying effects for the ents could be used here so that Galadriel's ability could be used. and with her ring and other attachments, there's a lot of utility to be had by keeping her in. there might be better options, subjectively speaking, but the beauty of this game is that you can make almost any kind of deck work if you really want it to. regardless, this is a cool deck and you could do some interesting things with it imo.