Come At Me, Bro.

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An Assault on the Black Gate / A Trek to Mount Doom
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Engage everything. Everything.

As long as enemies are coming out, Mablung typically pulls in three resources a turn, (one normally, one during engagement, one during combat thanks to Aragorn). This gives enough resources for Háma to cycle a Thicket of Spears every single turn, while still giving you enough left over to do other things. (Say... a Hammer-stroke?)

Hour of Wrath on Háma lets you recycle tons of events in one go. (If you're in Valour, it lets Scorpigorn turn himself into a 1-man Hammer-stroke, too.) Háma + Foe-hammer, (or as I like to call it, the Foe-Háma), gives you gobs of card draw, so it's nice to get one in your opening hand, but the Thicket is what you really need to make everything go.

The rest of the allies are around to help you engage or to keep you alive until a Thicket shows up. And once you've got your Thicket-cycle running, the Fornost Bowman is great at clearing away enemies engaged with other players who you weren't able to pull in.

The deck does best in 2-player where it's able to reliably hoover in every available enemy. Sometimes in 4-player it can't keep up with the incoming stream of enemies, but it still works for solving 75% of the combat in the game, even if it can't quite get to 100%.

It's garbage at questing, so don't even try. Make friends with a Spirit player, instead.