Gondorian Muster'd

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IstariKnight 28

"This Gondor sandwich sure could use some muster'd."

-Olvar, squire

I've long toyed with mono Leadership configurations anchored by Boromir. Most of the previous versions would putter out and were incapable of reaching a critical mass. This was a big problem. The deck relies on a swarm strategy where quantity of allies is more important than the quality of your allies. Visionary Leadership and Boromir work as a pseudo-Dain, elevating each ally into a more effective whole. You really need a constant influx of Gondor allies to keep the deck rolling.

After a break from the game, I was delighted to discover the printing of Reinforcements. Reinforcements shores up the card draw problem by giving you more activations out of Gandalf. Sneak Attack Gandalf is the oldest trick in the book and you essentially get 3 more copies here.

Another key piece in the deck is A Very Good Tale (AVGT). It’s an extremely efficient event for dumping allies on the board, which is our entire MO. The resource cost of the Gondor allies are fairly distributed; meaning you should be able to squeeze out every point you’ve exhausted into AVGT.

Tome of Atanatar makes an appearance to further your mileage out of A Very Good Tale. Alternatively, it acts as "Sneak Attack" number 7 & 8. Tome of Atanatar, Strength of Arms, and Reinforcements are three main incentives for not splashing into another sphere.

Opening Hand

AVGT, Gandalf, or Visionary Leadership are all strong cards to see in your opening hand. Each of them will help you get the ally army online. The deck is over 60% allies, so you should see them in spades.


This deck isn’t great at defending and can get beat up by really mean bosses. Hopefully you’ll already have a decent board state by the time you get to the boss fight. If you still have Gandalf shenanigans in hand, you’ll be in much better shape. Otherwise, It’s up to your White Tower Watchman and chump blocks. Denethor does a decent job in the early-midgame while you’re dealing with the small and medium sized enemies.

The deck requires a few turns to get running. If you’re going up against a quest where your back is against the wall from the start (ex. Into Ithilien), I wouldn’t recommend bringing this deck.

Ideas that were scrapped

Another iteration of this deck had Amarthiul to help shore up defense and give you access to Ranger of Cardolan. Ranger also helps with defense when you get surprise engaged, but more importantly he gives you 4 points of ally to exhaust into AVGT for a measly resource. For now I prefer Prince Imrahil as he receives the bonus from Visionary Leadership, and it’s tough cuts to make room for Ranger of Cardolan.

Solo vs. Multiplayer

Due to the aforementioned weaknesses of the deck, it should really be played in multiplayer where it gets a little bit more breathing room to get started. The power of Reinforcements is truly amazing in a multiplayer game. Herald of Anorien and Errand Rider also shine in multiplayer. The downside is the deck contributes nothing in the way of ranged, sentinel, or engagement tricks. You’ll have to tread carefully when divvying up enemies. If you’re playing solo, I’d suggest cutting the errand riders and switching to the Amarthiul package.

Thank you for taking the time to look over the list. Any ideas or friendly criticisms are welcomed and would be most appreciated.