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Spellpierce 33

Hi all,

i wanted again build a Deck for Multiplayer that focuses in the fighting Direction but can do many other things too.

I too wanted to play a not so common Card "Peace, and Thoughts", that fit very well here i feel. With Boromir virtually you only need to tap 1 Hero, pay 1 Treat and pay 1 Green to draw an amount of !5! Cards. Boromir also can be "abused" to pay the Captains Wisdom. Gandalf and Sneak+Gandalf will most times be used to reduce your Treat but con also handle a lot of other things.

2 Useful blockers Denetor + Shield OR Boromir with Shield. It will happen in the most Games, that you can draw 2 Shields so you have nice Block abilitys with both, Boromir and Denetor.

Denetor can give his Ressources to Boromir by Gondor treat, or with Bifurs ability to the Dwarf. With Captain / Steward / or a Ressource from a Teammate you can play first turn Treebeard; with Captain or Steward first turn Legolas in a 3 coloured Deck. Not too bad i think.

The rest of the Deck is very basic with Feint, some "undercostet" Ents + Heal + Master of the Forge that can find may one Offs like King under the Mountain.

Still its a Multiplayer Deck and should be paired with a Deck that have useful Questabilitys and/or Canceleffects, for very smooth play =)

What do you think about this Deck? Some advice what to change?