Hobbit-era Dwarves (1 of 2)

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Dwarves of The Hobbit
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Some Sort 3077

Part of a pair of thematic dwarf decks set in the Hobbit era. Both are buildable using a single player's card pool from the first two cycles and the Hobbit boxes.

Things play a lot quicker once Thorin hits his resource bonus, so an opening-hand Fili (with no Kili) is ideal. Also remember: because of the way Glóin is worded, he counts himself for the five-dwarf minimum.

Narvi's Belt is useful for resource smoothing to help Thorin pay for Tactics cards, too, once he gets his bonus. (It's also the only way to play Kili if he finds his way into your hand.) Remember, too, that it can be played across the table if your partner is struggling to pay for cards. Ditto that for Parting Gifts.

The sideboard is mostly weapons and goodies if you'd rather focus on a buffed-up hero approach instead of an ally-swarm approach. The Dúnedain Cache and Signal in particular are handy to let your decks work together more in combat. (The only reason they're not included already is some might take issue with their thematic fit.)


Apr 18, 2016 Stillsilver 1

I am doing a progression playthrough and am about to start on the doorstep. I had just decided I was too tired to make an updated dwarf deck when I just saw these decks. Thank you sir. Thank you. Also, I was thinking about making them hobbit era so I am just over the moon right now.

Apr 18, 2016 Some Sort 3077

Happy the timing was so serendipitous! Best of luck. :)