Avenge the King!

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Ipswatch 301

This deck is designed around exploiting Eomer's ability to keep the game clear of potential foes while still providing a strong questing presence. This deck does well enough in solo, but shines in a multiplayer game where more enemies are present.

Initial Hand: The first goal of this deck should be the acquisition of Strider. Without Strider, this deck will struggle with questing later on in the game. Strider goes on Eowyn so she can quest and defend later in the game. Outside of Strider, resourceful should be attached to Eowyn as quickly as possible since she does most of the shopping. Gathering Information is a useful card int he opening hand, as this deck does require a handful of attachments to really get rolling.

Gameplay: Once this deck gets rolling, it is all about combat. Éomer with Firefoot and either Gúthwinë or Spear of the Mark can throw 7 swords into the middle a turn, allowing extra damage to go to the enemies engaged with you, regardless of their defense. Éowyn should get Golden Shield if possible, giving her a defense high enough to pull the largest threats out of the middle, exposing them to Eomer's splash.

Allies: This deck largely focus's on attachments. The allies that are present are largely there to help manage any enemies that need to hit something.