Murder at Prancing Pony pure solo 2016 special edition

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Lecitadin 182

Location control is key! So, The Evening Star or Explorer's Almanac are important, make you pick!

In starting hand, look for Steward of Gondor or Thror's Map.

You can use Feigned Voices with Galadhrim Healer to avoid attacks and get her back in the game to heal.

Gandalf is mainly used to draw cards.

Protector is good on Aragorn for defense, and Rossiel is almost always questing for 4 as soon as you get the Prancing Pony in the victory display (all locations have the Bree trait, except the Hideouts).

Enjoy... et amusez-vous bien!

Comments? Suggestions? Don't be shy!


Dec 04, 2016 velcrohead85 139

How well did this actually work on Prancing Pony? I've still never beaten it in either solo or multiplayer, although I've only just managed to complete the Ringmaker cycle.

Dec 04, 2016 Lecitadin 182

I beat the quest with this deck, but after one or 2 tries, if I remember correctly. Location control is important for this quest.

Sep 26, 2019 Mythdracon 1

This deck does ok with questing, but a Taken by Surprise at the wrong moment can kill off a hero. I think it needed more defense, though the Ranger of Cardolans were great as defense where needed.