Gildor Marshals the Silvans

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Qwaz 379

This is a 3 Hero deck, awaiting Thranduil's release (9 cost, 1, 1, 3, 4 HP. Combat Action: Play a silvan ally from your hand. No resource match required for this ally. limit once per phase). Intended as solo-viable. Starts at 29 threat.

Mulligan for O Lórien!. Speand resources from Gildor Inglorion last.


As this is mono- with access to only one of the "Return a Silvan back to your hand" Events this doesn't play like a typical Silvan deck. You play what you can out in the Planning Phase but bear in mind Thranduil's ability. Quest with Celeborn and Gildor Inglorion. In the Combat Phase you defend with Thranduil and idealy bring in an ally for a helping hand instantly like Greenwood/Galadhon Archer.


The cost curve of the deck is reasonable.

Save Gandalf, all your allies are Silvan and can benefit from O Lórien! None of them starting above 3 cost Means that at one a round they're only 2 cost max.

Other than Armored Destrier all your Attachments and Events are 0 or 1 cost. Cheap and Easy to play.

Card Draw

We Are Not Idle, Valiant Sacrifice & Gildor Inglorion. The latter being the most reliable but least efficient. Always nice to have the option though especially if you have a surplus of resources - entirely possible.


Silvans aimed at a range of roles and phases.

Non-/ allies have to be played in the Combat Phase. This works out fine for most as even non-combat allies can chip in the 1 so as not to waste Celeborn's bonus. Idealy you want to play Galadhrim Weaver when there is no combat though.

Naith Guide you want to play in the Planning Phase for their ability.

Greenwood Archer you want to play in the Combat Phase for their ability.

Defender of the Naith can be played in either but as the Combat Phase is by far the most crowded they'll likely be played in the Planning Phase. For this reason in the mid-late game, when hero actions are usually less valuable, I often play the Greenwood Archer in the Planning Phase too.


Thranduil gets 2 x Armored Destrier and all the Dúnedain Warnings.

The Hauberks of Mail go on Defenders of the Naith and at 3 /3 backed up by Silvan Trackers they are pretty good defenders.

In multiplayer it may be more worth it to swap out the Armored Destriers for Strength of Arms. In this deck the allies are mostly just good at one thing though so it's been left out despite how good it is.


Sneak Attack is meant for Gandalf who i like to use to reduce threat. Feigned Voices is just to save those defenses and both those events give you a chance to trigger Valiant Sacrifice. We Are Not Idle just thins the deck.

NOTE: This deck is easily modified for a single core set. Remove one copy each of Sneak Attack and Valiant Sacrifice. Add in two copies Orophin.