Ca-chunk ca-chunk ca-chunk

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BeestThouNotInHaste 184

BeestThouNotInHaste has a newer deck inspired by this one: Ca-chunk ca-chunk ca-chunk

This deck is still in a prototype stage, as I'm still trying to figure out how many chumps to include.

Using the deck is relatively simple: mulligan for a chump or two and Rohan Warhorse, then keep engaging as many enemies as you can, defend with Erkenbrand against one, then throw an ally under the bus horse with a CA-CHUNK, kill something with Eomer CA-CHUNK, horse readies him, then one last CA-CHUNK.

Try not to lose more than one ally per turn, as Eomer is once per round.

Captain usually goes on Erkenbrand, but if there are many 6 bulk enemies, it's better on Eomer. Steward can go on whomever, just not Erkenbrand.

This deck needs healing support to survive, so I use mono-lore with it. Elfhelm is an awesome hero to see across the table.