Grimbeorn on a Southern Holiday

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PeaceAndThought 311

Like his father before him (at least, according to the Hobbit movies), Grimbeorn the Old is flying on eagles, though he's headed south for the winter instead of dropping into the Battle of Five Armies. His travels will take him through the realm of Rohan to visit Éowyn and then into Ithilien to visit Mablung.

This deck, designed for multiplayer, is ready to take on all the forces of Mordor. Right off the bat, Eowyn and Mablung can bring a combined six willpower to the quest if so desired, while Grimbeorn holds back and waits for combat.

Card draw is achieved through Legolas and The Eagles Are Coming!.

Soon, with Mablung's resource generation and one or two plays of Proud Hunters, you'll be able to fill the board with powerful allies, including Sentinel defenders like Derndingle Warrior and Winged Guardian, and ranged attackers like Legolas and Vassal of the Windlord. You can also pull enemies to you with the Westfold Outrider's ability, or Tireless Hunters, which will pay for itself as soon as that enemy engages you, triggering Mablung's effect.

Grimbeorn, after receiving attachments like Captain of Gondor, Raiment of War, and Support of the Eagles, can defend and attack at impressive numbers. Rohan Warhorse can go on any hero, including Eowyn, for when you use her +9 attack ability.

The sideboard here is primarily for fun, since I don't think Horn's Cry, Hour of Wrath, and Wait no Longer get the play they deserve. I'll usually swap one of these three cards out for Feint. I think Wait No Longer is particularly helpful in three or four-player games, to give other players breathing room.

It's simple and straightforward, but it's fun to play, and offers some interesting choices surrounding Eowyn's ability, extra engagements, and the like. I'll be bringing this deck to Con of the Rings 2018, where I plan to loan it out to newer players since it's mono-Tactics and pretty easy to pilot.


Sep 22, 2018 死锁 270

" You can also pull enemies to you with the Westfold Outrider's ability, or Proud Hunters, " I think you mean Tireless Hunters.

Have you ever think about Magic Ring? I think works well with Grimbeorn the Old.

Sep 23, 2018 PeaceAndThought 311

@死锁, got it, thank you! And point take on Magic Ring...