Wizard's Pupil

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Bendrie 131

I created this thematically fun deck when trying to deckbuild for Nightmare Steward's Fear. I'm quite a thematic deck player, so I knew I wanted a Gondor deck. It's based off Denethor's sons and Gandalf's influence in Gondor.

As most Gondor deck's are, its an ally swarm with some nice readying with Narya. I often found putting steward on Boromir was better than gandalf, if you don't draw into wizard pipe soon.

The off-sphere cards are all played through Gandalf's ability.

Key cards are, Wizard Pipe and Visionary Leadership for your opening hand (steward aint bad either).

There are 3x Citadel Custodian mostly for great A Very Good Tale combos, but also your ally army should be substantial pretty early on for him to pop in for free.

While this deck is enjoyable to play, it isn't incredibly powerful and it still took me 5 attempts to defeat Nightmare: Steward's Fear.

Make sure if the quest has nasty condition attachments that you sub in Bulwark of the West instead of a Custodian and ship captain. I had far too much local trouble while trying to defeat the villain at the end.