Wizard's Questing

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Fellowship 2018: Quest Hard. Attack Harder.
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nbonnem 52

Initially made to be the questing part of a fellowship with a strong combat deck, it has also become a versatile deck with a sideboard to make it into a solo deck.

Eowyn provides strong questing (duh). Dwarven Tomb and Erebor Hammersmith are included should you discard something you want back. A copy of Stand and Fight is in the sideboard. However, I don't find a lot of cards end up discarded to boost questing. This is because Arwen, Bofus and Escort are all in the deck to provide additional questing. There are also multiple attachments and events to help with willpower boosting. If you can get the combo of Snowmane and Herugrim onto Eowyn she also becomes a power attacker. I only have one of each as this deck isn't meant for much combat as originally built, but there is a second copy of each in the sideboard.

Glorfindel should grab Light of Valinor to quest hard and attack hard. With Asfaloth under him locations can be explored quicker. He also gets you access to Elrond's Counsel.

Aragorn is the do all be all. Quest in a pinch, but he is really in the deck to defend or attack (or both) so get Unexpected Courage on him.

Imladris is one of my favorite allies in the game and gets slotted into about every spirit deck I have. Look for her in your starting hand to start making sure you draw the cards you need and don't discard something you want. With Master of the Forge you can shuffle your deck if you don't like the top five cards. Discard abilities also help the search.

Conditions are a pain so Miner of the Iron Hills is there to deal with them. If you are playing a quest where condition attachments aren't a factor drop him for something fun in the sideboard or binder.

Make this into a solo deck by dropping six cards out (I recommend threat reduction cards and some of the willpower boosters). In solo mode you will want to make Aragorn even more powerful. Use A Good Harvest to pay for the Sword that was Broken. With that you can use Steward of Gondor and Celebrian's Stone and off you go! If your threat gets too high use his once a round ability. You could also drop Aragorn to slot in Elrond and Vilya. You do you.

The deck is 53 cards because Daeron's Runes was slotted in to help draw through the deck faster.