The Assassin of Rohan

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To the Rohirrim, he is the doorward of the Meduseld and captain of the king's guard-- honest, plain-spoken, loyal, and fair. He is also perhaps the most dangerous man in Middle-Earth.

Abandoned as a child in the woods, he was taken in by the elves and taught the skills that would later become the foundation of his trade: how to strike quickly, from afar, from the shadows; always alone, always unseen.

When he came of age he returned to the land of his birth, but did not forget what he had learned. Instead he put his skills to use, hunting by night to rid the world of anything too evil to be tolerated. The elves had given him the tools to kill, but nobody could have given him the courage and the will to put them to use.

None now know of his double life, save one of the elves from his childhood. Extremely resourceful, she serves as his benefactor, providing him with the necessary funds and supplies to maintain his silent crusade. When the opposite pull of the day and the night become too great to bear, she provides him with a tonic from her people to give him the strength to continue.

Ranging abroad with nothing but his dagger, his horse, and his bow, he brings justice for the forgotten and vengeance for the forsaken, then rides without fanfare into the mists of myth. Whispered tales of his exploits on occasion will spread, though Arwen is quick to counsel others not to believe in such foolishness. For the sake of his safety, he must not receive the recognition she knows he deserves.

How many has Háma killed? Only he knows, and he never will tell. He does not keep count to prove his greatness or to inspire others. He does not keep count because this is a game or a test. He keeps count because he cannot forget.

He lives a lonely and haunted existence, but he cannot stop, not as long as evil remains beyond the reach of the light. He is the hero that Middle Earth always knew it needed, but never knew it already had.

He is Háma.


Jul 25, 2016 TheChad 8388

amazing description. totally epic.