The White Council

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The idea is to use the most powerful trio with the support of Ents and all sorts of crazy attachments. Probably easier to pilot in a 2-player game with your co-player drawing some heat until you setup your good attachments. In any case it can have a good start depending on the hand. Let me know if you have any feedback on this list. Cheers!

Sphere Manipulation:

  • Elrond can be used to pay for . and allies. Once he gets Vilya he can also pay for any type of cards.

  • Once Galadriel gets Nenya she can pay for cards.

  • Gandalf can pay for any , , and card that's at the top of your deck.

  • Gandalf can also pay for any card once he gets Narya.

Card Draw and Deck Manipulation:

Resource Management:

  • Use Gandalf's Staff for +1 resource per turn.

  • Wizard Pipe and Vilya guarantee a free card every turn.

  • Treebeard produces +1 resource every turn, that can be used for playing Ents or readying them.

  • If you add a Hidden Cache you can have +2 resources every turn as follows: (1) Put the Hidden Cache at the top of your deck with the Wizard Pipe (preferably before questing). (2) Quest & "guess" the top card. (3) Then with Expert Treasure-hunter discard the Hidden Cache. (4) Expert Treasure-hunter instructs you to take the discarded card into your hand, so this way you get Hidden Cache back. (5) Repeat. NOTE: Just remember that Wizard Pipe is an action and therefore must be used during an action window. The most optimal time to use Wizard Pipe would be during the action window before resolving the quest (you can also prepare it during the planning phase).


  • Unexpected Courage goes on Elrond in order to either defend twice in a turn or defend and play something for free with Vilya. He also gets the Light of Valinor in order to quest without exhausting.

  • Gandalf gets Shadowfax. Then he can use one exhaust to either quest or defend and the other one for activating Narya.

  • Galadriel needs to exhaust twice every turn in order to reach her full potential. She can achieve that with the Heir of Mardil (on her) and Gandalf's Staff giving her +1 resource. Of course you can use a second Unexpected Courage if you have one.

  • In late game you can use Treebeard's resources to ready Ents or himself even to quest/defend/attach in one turn.

  • With Narya on Gandalf you can ready up to two allies and boost them with +1 and +1 .


  • Celebrían's Stone goes on Galadriel in order to boost her from 4 to 6 and pass it on to someone else with Nenya.

  • Elrond gets the Light of Valinor and is the target of Galadriel's ability for +6 with the above setup, questing for a total of +9 every turn.

  • Faramir is good for boosting all of the allies that you or your teammate controls with +1 .

  • Leaflock can easily contribute a +4 with all the self damaging Ents in the deck.

  • One way to get around the fact that Ents enter play exhausted is to use Narya to ready them. On that round, they will quest without exhausting (because of Galadriel's passive ability and will be used as defenders or attackers depending on the situation.

Combat - Defense:

Combat - Attack:


  • Elrond's passive ability allows an additional +1 heal for every heal effect in play.

  • With Elrond, the Warden of Healing heals two allies for 2 (that's 8 heal if both copies are in play)

  • With Elrond, the Wellinghall Preserver heals 2 from an end when he readies at the end of the turn (that's 4 heal if both copies are in play)

Threat Reduction:

  • By using Galadriel's ability every turn you stay at 36 threat (starting threat) until the encounter deck intervenes of course.

  • The Galadhrim's Greeting is there to save both you and your co-player from tight situations.

Deck was inspired by a video I saw a couple of years ago from the Master of Lore on Youtube.