Rohan and Eagles: Saga - Shadow of the Past

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Mono Tactics Hirgon 13 7 2 3.0
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Igloo 84

This is Secondhandtook’s Mono Tactics Hirgon deck with some slight changes. For piloting details, please see his excellent write up. It is pretty in depth and I won’t rehash it here.

In summary though, I would mulligan for Legolas or Eagles of the Misty Mountains. Quest for 8 with Éowyn and Hirgon and get allies out after the encounter cards were revealed if I quest successfully.

I added Flight of the Eagles to the deck to either take out a black rider if an Eagle of the North came out when revealing encounter cards or simply dilute the encounter deck for hide tests.

I added Hour of Wrath hoping for an epic moment with Éowyn.

When pairing this up with the Caldera deck, the Raiment of War will go on Jubayr in almost all cases.