Aragorn and the Noldor Bro’s (Saga - A Shadow of the Past)

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Igloo 85

This is a pure netdeck, no changes have been made. Please see “Inspired by” for more information. As I move through the Saga, I suspect I will be making some changes and will notate that here.

Expected Match Up against "A Shadow of the Past"

There are two groups of enemies in the encounter deck, Black Riders and Evil Crows so I don’t think I will need to ready Elrohir a lot. It really depends on how well I can manage the Black Riders.

With cheap attachments like Rivendell Blade and Dagger of Westernesse on Elladan, I should be able to take out a Rider in one shot (with a little help). Gondorian Shield, Elven Mail and Cloak of Lórien (from Elrond and Co) on Elrohir should help me defend against the 5 . Getting the Noldor Brothers set up quickly will be key.

If I can knock off the first rider before the next one comes out and keep them from swarming, it will be a good day.


Oct 30, 2018 Igloo 85

Having issues publishing Fellowsh