The Grey Company

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Last Host of the Firstborn
Last Host of the Firstborn V.2
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The Grey Company 11 6 0 2.0
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The Grey Company 3 0 0 4.0
Aragorn and the Noldor Bro’s (Saga - A Shadow of the Past) 0 0 1 1.0
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Psychorocka 461

Psychorocka has a newer deck inspired by this one: The Grey Company

The Grey Company is inteded to be run alongside Line of the Half-Elven either two handed or two player. The two decks work together and key attachments and effects are intended to be used on the other deck's characters. Once the decks get going and the various card draw engines and resource acceleration is set up they are quite powerful and have beaten almost every quest to date (excluding most nightmare which I have not played just yet).

When playing Saga Campaign I change Aragorn to Legolas when you are no longer able to use Aragorn/Fellowship Aragorn must be used. The only change to the deck when this occurs is that the one copy of the Legolas ally is changed to a copy of Arod. Sword that was broken remains as it is just as effective if not more so on Fellowship Aragorn.

*The two copies of Trollshaw scout are actually Marksman of Lorien x2 proxied from the upcoming cycle.


May 16, 2016 Bullroarer Took 83

Both Heir of Mardil and Rod of the Steward are bonkers in the deck. Heir essentially acts as Light of Valinor for Elrohir so you can put the real Light on Elladan. Rod enables powerful card draw. You have to delay the Steward draw until the action window after declaring questers, but it's worth it.

You have more allies in your version that I do, but try those cards out. YOu won't be disappointed.

Thanks for convincing me to give Tactigorn a second chance btw. I miss the 6 Tests of Will, but he really enables Elladan, especially in the early game.

May 21, 2016 Psychorocka 461

Thanks so much for the feedback Bullroarer! Really appreciate it! I'm glad I've convinced you to give Tactigorn another go, in the right line up (and I think the brothers are perfect) he really shines.

6 Test of Wills is nice but with so much card draw/card search and Dwarven Tomb the deck running Arwen can easily draw/use several copies in most games. This sort of makes up for the loss of 3 copies in each deck.

I've actually recently replaced a single copy of Envoy of Pelargir with a copy of Azain Silverbeard and have been trying to find a replacement for the other two copies. Heir of Mardil is a nice fit for the decks and is actually a card I have considered including for a long time. I am reluctant to however as it requires you to use Steward or Arwen's resource boost after the planning phase which is often when both of these effects are most useful. Arwen can be used after planning and during say combat far more safely and effectively but is still very useful during planning especially if you pair it with card draw from Elven Light as then you can play those newly drawn cards immediately if you wish. The additional resource can even help with this. Also UC does more or less the same thing and although it costs an additional resource it not only costs less important spirit resources but is also unconditional and does not require you to use a resource booster specifically after the planning phase.

The Rod seems like a really good fit however and for every 2 or 3 games I play where leadership resources are extremely scarce and have to be carefully balanced between playing allies and used for multiple defences via Elrohir, I play a game where he accumulates far more resources than he needs for both playing cards and defending. In these games the Rod could easily draw me several cards and speed the combat deck right up similar to Arwen and Elven Light's effect in the questing/support deck. It would have to be used carefully and sparingly but cards like UC on Elrohir or StwB on Aragorn would allow me to more safely use it. I'll give it a go and see how useful it ends up being!!