Dúnhere's Expedition

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beba89 9

My first published deck (includes cards from the mirkwood cycle & darrowdelf). I wanted to create/play a deck which includes only (core) rohan heroes and I tried to use Dúnhere as main attacker. The deck stomped the location-heavy quests during the Mirkwood Cycle with a small base of battle focused cards (Dúnhere + Dúnedain Mark & expensive allies) Not recommended for heavy fight based quests.

Wins: 1x Hunt for Gollum; 2x Emyn Muil, 2x Dead Marshes Loses: 1x Carrock

1) Keep the threat low with The Galadhrim's Greeting Elrond's Counsel. Recycle Gandalf with Sneak Attack & Stand and Fight for threat lowering or card draw.

2) Enable Dúnhere, the leader of this expedition, with his ability to attack enemies in the staging area. Support Dúnhere with Dúnedain Mark & use Fresh Tracks to keep enemies in the staging area and finish them with Dúnhere

3) Get massive ressource advantage with Théodred & Steward of Gondor

4) Solid card draw & scrying with Erestor, Imladris Stargazer, Ancient Mathom, Gandalf

5) The main strength of this deck: Questing/Locations - should explain itself with Éowyn and a lot of Rohan-type cards

I would love to get feedback from people who tried the deck.