A Promise

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A Promise (without Noldor) 3 1 0 1.0
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DavFlamerock 121

DavFlamerock has a newer deck inspired by this one: A Promise (without Noldor)

In case you ever wanted to build a deck featuring two lonely hobbits trudging through the wilderness, this is the deck for you. Frodo and Sam give you all the basic utility you'd need to survive in a quest: 5 starting willpower with only 15 starting threat, an ability to gain action advantage when it's needed (enemy engagement) and an ability to absorb damage if something horrible goes wrong. That said, two hobbits are never going to be able to survive the wilds alone...

At its core, this is a Timely Aid deck. The goal is to land a turn-1 Timely Aid and/or Resourceful, or do something silly like Celduin Traveler + Rivendell Scout + A Very Good Tale to get lots of allies onto the board fast. After all, who isn't willing to help two hobbits on the road? Everybody will help!

This is the first of two variants, depending on whether or not you have a friend who really wants to play Noldor. The Noldor pieces of the deck are pretty tricky to get to work, so if ANY of the other players bring Arwen Undómiel, Galdor of the Havens, or Erestor, then switch to the alternate version I've linked to (it's paired as a version of this deck). This version is more powerful than the non-Noldor version, but also relies heavily on the unique Noldor allies.

Also, you'll notice that this deck has fewer than 50 cards. That's obviously not a complete deck, but if you Check out the sideboard you'll see a list of allies that are intended to fill it out. Choose 7 copies of these allies (one-ofs preferred, but feel free to double up on any of them that you like) and slot them in based on which heroes are being used by the other players. In solo, you can design the "Timely Aid Package" based on your preferences, or even the quest you're going up against! Mostly this is because I wanted a bunch of powerful unique allies but wanted to be flexible because I play almost exclusively multiplayer.