Bears and Birds

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Mad Morderan 109

Thematically this deck is two Gondorian scouts convince Grimbeorn and Radagast and his army of eagles to join their endeavors. Obviously enemies cause little trouble here because Grimbeorn is a fricking beast, and all the eagles build up to an unstoppable level typically by mid game. Add Bears to that and even by early game you will be able to handle most enemies.

Mono tactics of course struggles with locations, card draw and questing. To answer that you have the Meneldor and Meneldor's Flight and Born Aloft combo to spam progress on locations in the staging area. Beorning Guardians do double duty killing enemies and adding more progress, and you can retrieve them with Beorning Skin-changer and of course Gwaihir allows you to bring important eagles back.

Resources are no problem, which is important in a deck with so many expensive allies. First, Hirgon helps (if you quest), then Mablung helps more since you need to be engaging enemies with all the muscle you will have, plus Radagast helps play and heal all your creatures (practically all your allies), and finally Horn of Gondor cranks out a fee extra resources when you need them.

You will think you're playing a Leadership deck, and you'll need it to play Gandalf which I use for card draw (along with Legolas) or threat mitigation, along with Secret Vigil. So the most important thing to do is get questing help out asap, so Hirgon can get his discount and you can start dropping tons of eagles and beornings on the board. Put excess resources and Horn of Gondor on Grimbeorn the Old so he can use his crazy smack-back ability, and dont be afraid to use your Giant Bear ability to munch key enemies early because you will be able to retrieve them later with Beorning Skin-changer for dirt cheap. As usual for an eagle deck Eagles of the Misty Mountains gets super strong by mid game, at which point adding Support of the Eagles to Grimbeorn the Old makes him a nearly invincible monster smashing machine. I hope you have fun with this one. --Mad Morderan


Jan 24, 2019 TheChad 8369

I like the hero line-up. Be careful with Horn of Gondor, a character must be destroyed for its effect to trigger. Hirgon and Mablung are 2 of my favorite heroes to pair up. Nice job!

Jan 24, 2019 Mad Morderan 109

Ah, you're right. Very good point...given my experience with this deck, it shouldn't be a big difference since there are so many other ways to gain resources. Thanks for the advice!

Jan 24, 2019 fizban007 1

@TheChad Do you know if the discard effects of Vassal of the Windlord and Winged Guardian count as destroyed for Horn of Gondor?

Jan 24, 2019 Mad Morderan 109

I dont think so but TheChad may no more on this. Seems to me "destroyed" counts only for creatures that have been killed by combat or damage effects only. I could be wrong here.

Jan 26, 2019 TheChad 8369

@fizban007they do not. Choosing to discard an ally is not the same as an ally being destroyed by an encounter effect.

Jan 26, 2019 Mad Morderan 109

For this deck it really doesn't matter, plenty of resources are generated by Mablung and Hirgon.