Legolas and the Eagles

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Igloo 84

Ever since I started playing LOTR LCG, I have always been a fan of Legolas’s ability to add progress to the quest during the combat phase and boosting it with multiple Blade of Gondolins.

There was always a problem though with this plan. Blade of Gondolins do not add any bonus to (unless you are fighting orcs) and each one uses a restricted slot on Legolas. If the goal is to get multiple Blades on Legolas, then there is little room to boost .

The obvious answer to this, even since the first cycle, was eagles and Support of the Eagles. This 3 cost attachment could be used as a non restricted boost to . In the beginning, Eagles were pretty expensive and I had very little luck being successful. However, slowly but surely, the Eagle deck got the pieces it needed to become a strong architype.

For this deck, I try and make sure I get a weapon in my hand right off the bat. This will help you later in drawing cards with Foe-hammer and ensure it is not a dead card. Also starting off with 2 or 3 eagle traited cards would be nice.

A good first eagle to play Eagles of the Misty Mountains with its 2 and 4 as an initial blocker. Also, this creates a place for future destroyed Eagles to reside. Thanks to Hirgon (and the support of a good questing deck), you should be able to play it on your first turn. Of course, Meneldor or Descendant of Thorondor could be good depending on set up or the first set of encounters. If an enemy does engage you, don’t forget the extra resource on Mablung as I most always do.

Other notes on cards

Place the first Support of the Eagles on Legolas. Then decide if you want to double up on Legolas or would want to spread the love to Mablung for defense.

Blade of Gondolin - Two should go on Legolas, the third on Mablung if you have the desire to.

Rivendell Bow - one should go on Legolas (nonrestricted +1 on ranged characters, whaaat? ), any others should go on one of the silvan archers.

Black Arrow, Magic Ring and Arod should go on Legolas.

The Red Arrow should go on Hirgon.

What you are looking for in a companion deck.

First of all, the other thing I would want to get on Legolas would be some sort of readying. In tactics, the best choice would be Rohan Warhorse, which is unfortunately restricted and would take up a Blade of Gondolin slot. Other off sphere options would be Unexpected Courage or The Elvenking. Building a deck or pairing with a deck that could include these cards would be optimal.

Generically, I would think a deck that can focus on questing, with threat reduction and some healing would be a good start. Once Legolas gets built up and the Eagles are established, the deck should handle most combat needs with some location control mixed in.

Specifically though, I think it would be fun to pair this with a side quest deck built around some of the ideas above. One of the main concerns with side quest decks is that they slow down the push through the main quest, which then subjects the players to more encounter card nastiness. With this deck, when Legolas is built up, progress will be placed towards the main quest during the combat phase. This will either soften up the active location to make the side quests more completable, or get progress on the main quest itself keeping the players on track. This should explain my sideboard side quests.

Thanks for taking a look. Give it a try and let me know what you think!