Classical Aragorn + Hobbits, new cards

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Flrbb 165

This deck is basically "the good ol' engage and slay everything" in a multi player game. But up to date with new cards. First, Friend of Friends, a nice boost to your hobbit heroes. And then Drinking Song, which lets you find your best cards faster.

The side bord is a bit bigger, because I wanted to list each card that could fit in here and which I have thought of during the play with this deck. Most of them were in the deck for one or two games only. Well, it also depends on what decks the playmates are using.

Comments on cards sorted out (and still in side board, just as a reminder): Ioreth: while generally good healer, it does not shine in here, because Hobbits. And defenders also have low health and are meant to die; there are enough allies in the deck. Take No Notice: can help to "collect" enemies over one round. But that's it. Especially in a 4p game this card is not really useful. Even at 0 cost I did not found the right moment to play that card. (At least in those missions we played) Wingfoot: A good card in here. Just name enemy as trugger. But when you have enemies (somewhere) in play and you reveal none a very risky card.


Jul 02, 2019 Alonewolf87 1618

Outmatched or Followed are good cards in combo with DĂșnedain Hunter or Wait no Longer

Jul 02, 2019 Flrbb 165

That is, in general, true. But this deck aims to kill all the enemies in the same round in which they engage - either because they do on their own or Aragorn makes them to. With basically 6 atk out of the box only few enemies are still engaged when questing next round. Also, this deck does only contain chump blocking allies, there is (should be) no need to ready the defending character.