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Keep Dáin Ironfoot ready to power up your draws. Unexpected Courage from the other deck can be played to use him for certain tasks in specific quests, like some refresh action in the Khazad Dum quests or defending against a big enemy. In the case of a big enemy, side in Dúnedain Warning and A Burning Brand and equip him with those and a Song of Wisdom.

Bifur and Glóin are used to quest. Take undefended attacks with Glóin to get some resources and transfer resources to Bifur from other heroes. This allows you to play expensive cards.

Play as many Dwarf allies as possible. Erebor Hammersmith, Erebor Record Keeper and Miner of the Iron Hills are good utility allies, but are also good to just quest, chump block, or swarm an enemy with their extra attack from Dain.

Longbeard Orc Slayer and Longbeard Map-Maker are not the best and can be replaced or sided out. The Map-Maker can quest really hard in a pinch, while the Orc Slayer also does its thing.

Use the Rivendell Minstrel to fetch songs as nessecary. The Song of Travel should be played on either Thalin or Gimli in the other deck.