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You can find the full article and alternate art cards for this deck on my blog: Alternate Art: The Three Hunters Aggro V2

This is an update to my old Three Hunters Aggro deck, which removes the few allies that deck used and takes advantage of the new Forth, The Three Hunters! contract, spoiled from the upcoming City of Ulfast AP. The Fellowship contract included in this list is a proxy for that upcoming contract.

The idea here is straight-forward and this is as aggressive as any deck I've designed. You want to use card draw and doomed effects to get restricted attachments on your heroes as quickly as possible. With a perfect draw and some luck, you can get two restricted attachments on each hero on the first turn, but this deck should consistently be able to fulfill the contract by the end of the second turn. With a high starting threat, and all of the threat gained from Doomed effects, this deck is more appropriate as a solo deck than in multiplayer games.

Aragorn is here to reset our threat, after using all of those doomed events to ramp the setup. The question of which attachments go where is relatively straight forward, but there are a few tricks available to reach the critical two restricted attachments per-hero threshold. Celebrian's Stone can go on any hero, but obviously works best on Aragorn. On Aragorn, it grants him the Spirit resource icon, which means that mounts like Windfola and Steed of Imladris can be attached to him in a pinch. The one other attachment loop-hole to remember is that Aragorn has sentinel, so he can ride an Armored Destrier if it will allow you to flip the contract.

Outside of these edge cases, the roles of each hero are well defined. By necessity everyone quests, as their are no allies to help bolster our willpower. After the first round or so, Legolas should be using his discard ability, with Silver Harp proving a double bonus of being Restricted and mitigating the cost of his ability. Gimli is our dedicated defender, and his shields and destriers, along with his ability, make him excellent in this role. Aragorn's toys complement the contract to provide ample willpower, and he serves as a secondary attacker after Legolas. When it comes to where to put the resources from Unlikely Friendship and We Are Not Idle, the answer is almost always Gimli. Leadership cards make up the bulk of this deck, and many of them are necessary for Aragorn and Gimli to reach their full potential. Don't forget the cost reduction built into the contract as this allows you to do things like play an Imladris Steed of Legolas, a Ranger Spear on Aragorn, and a Suit of Erebor Armor on Gimli while only paying a single resource for the armor.

Contracts look to shake the game up in a major way, and I am excited to see what other old decks get revitalized by these revolutions to the game's mechanics. I'm working on an alternate art version of this deck, which I will have posted on the blog shortly.


Sep 19, 2019 Nillapo82 1

Good deck, I like it. I suggest to put in some dagger of westernesse and instead of ranger spear a rivendell blade, thanks to the contract you pay 0 for the first COST 1 tactic restricted weapon you play every turn, so you can boost a little the attack power of the trio

Sep 19, 2019 Sechen 123

Unfortunately, you can't play cards off-color even if they cost zero. Dagger of Westernesse or Rivendell blade would be good, but the deck would need to bring in Narvi's Belt or something to use them, so it probably wouldn't be worth it.

Sep 21, 2019 maistrechat 81

Roheryn gives Aragorn a icon so as long as you get Roheryn out you could use those weapons. Probably not worthwhile since it would be a lot of setup still but it is technically possible with this deck.

Apr 18, 2020 TantZor 27

I've tried your deck and it is really fun to play, with very good combo between the heroes. I have passed several scenarios thanks to it. Thank you :).I've replaced two Celebiran Stone (since I have only one core set) by 2 Striders.