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Selakiel 14

...if you have Elven Power!

Problem is that you dont have Ressource Acc. So your starting hand HAS to include Light of Valinor.

With that, you can quest with Glorfindel and afterwards get Nenya/Galadriel going.

Location should not be a Problem with Asfaloth and the Steed of Imladris and for the Def: with Elrond who has A Burning Brand and Cloak of Lórien (hopefully) early.

Turning Point is to get Mirror of Galadriel and Silver Harp on Galadriel. This will help to scout your Deck for anything one could need.

Problem: The Deck lags attack dmg. Most would be 5 with Unexpected Courage on Elrond and 3 Times you can do the Buff-up to 8 with Fair and Perilous.

Perfect for a Multi would be a Deck who can help Attack.

PS.: Switching Protector of Lórien for Star Brooch, cause you have a lots of "useless" cards after a few turns and can fetch them back with 3 harps.