Little and Big

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Bullroarer Took 80

This deck is built on the bones of my old ent-eagle deck. After we got Shirefolk and Drinking Song I decided to revisit the build with Folco instead of Quickbeam as a hero. This opened up Resourceful and together with Shirefolk made it really easy to stay in secrecy. I hardly ever pop Folco, but not never. This deck is 2 out of 4 against Temple of Doom so it's pretty good I think.

You are absolutely looking to drop Treebeard on turn 2. With your mulligan, Entmoot, Daeron's Runes and Drinking Song this is very achievable. So a normal turn 1 is a green two coster - preferably an injured Quickbeam - but Gaffer or a Wandering Ent are fine too. Even better if you can play one of those and a Resourceful. The point is to have 4 resources ready to drop the old guy on turn two. After that you hope to drop and end or two each turn and keep your head down as long as possible.

This deck is very simple really, but I have found it to be the best ent build out there.