Lothlórien Sniper's Hide

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Christian_Medic 760

Ever wonder how Lothlórien has defended its borders for so long? Meet its guardian Haldir in his true sniper fashion. You want to start with Strider for the contract and Strength and Courage for the Master Ring in play so Haldir is able to quest for 4 and still attack an enemy in the staging area for 7 round 1, and that's before you draw anything else. Ideal starting hand is some of the secrecy cards Resourceful or Timely Aid to get some of the strong allies into play. But Sneak Attack and Gandalf also work well together. There are a couple different options for the second restricted slot on Haldir, as a proper Sniper he has many different tools for the job. For the enemy heavy quests you can grab a Great Yew Bow to be able to attack two different enemies in the staging area in one round (with the readying from the contract) or Rivendell Blade/Bow of the Galadhrim for some solid attack boost, there is also a Golden Belt so you don't have to just choose one. Also some Dunedain Marks help supplement his attack and with all marks + both weapons in play Haldir could attack at 14 each round which can drop all but the biggest threats in Middle Earth.

In case you end up with low threat enemies, you have Gandalf or Woodsmen's Clearing to be able to keep yourself even lower. And there is also noiseless movement to be able to keep an enemy in the staging area. For the ones that start engaged with you or end up that way you have Gaffer Gamgee to act as a reusable Feint. Firyal helps you avoid the worst of the encounter deck and some helpful Ents help keep the Willpower game going.

So build a range card, set up your fields of fire and prepare for the Sniper's Hide.