The Ring Bearer 1/3 of the Fellowship of the Ring (3)

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AtomicDuckie 241

AtomicDuckie has a newer deck inspired by this one: The Ring Bearer 1/3 of the Fellowship of the Ring (3)

"I will take it!" "I will take the Ring to Mordor. Though...I do not know the way." -Frodo Baggins

The final part of the Fellowship of the Ring, complete with the ring itself. This deck does focus on powering up the heroes with equipment and can handle questing and combat. Boromir with the Shield of Gondor and the Staff of Lebethron helps to stop any nasty tricks from higher enemy threats that pop up. If you engage an enemy and have the proper equipment on Sam, he can stand at 6 will, 6 attack, 6 defense, 5 health, plus any +2 stat bump you may need from Rosie and that isn't counting events that may be played!


Apr 12, 2020 Christian_Medic 848

Only comment on this deck is Frodo has his readying during the quest phase ability but I don't think either of his companions will need the readying ever (until you get really high Threat with Sam) maybe swapping Gandalf into this trio and Sam with his hobbit kin could create some more synergy (and allow you to use the cards that specify if all your heroes are hobbits). But I like the theme of your fellowship choices!

Apr 12, 2020 AtomicDuckie 241

Medic- I absolutely would have run Gandalf in this deck, but It’s almost always run with a deck that uses hero Gandalf. This one is specifically meant to run in a trio that all make up the fellowship. I will definitely look into some other cards though, thanks for the suggestion!