The Ring Bearer 1/3 of the Fellowship of the Ring (3)

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You Shall Be...The Fellowship of the Ring 2.0 (Outated)
The Fellowship Of The Ring
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The Ring Bearer 1/3 of the Fellowship of the Ring (3) 0 0 2 5.0
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AtomicDuckie 241

"I will take it!" "I will take the Ring to Mordor. Though...I do not know the way." -Frodo Baggins

The final part of the Fellowship of the Ring, complete with the ring itself. This deck does focus on powering up the heroes with equipment and can handle questing and combat. Boromir with the Shield of Gondor and a Dagger of Westernesse helps to make his great combat stats even better. If you engage an enemy and have the proper equipment on Sam, he can stand at 6 will, 6 attack, 6 defense, 5 health, plus any +2 stat bump you may need from Rosie and that isn't counting events that may be played! The Ring Mail is optional for Sam and Frodo here, but I do suggest putting them on Merry and Pippin as Frodo and Sam here get Friend of Friends to already increase their attack and defense. I have added more allies into this deck to help further with questing and some combat.