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tickler 212

When I saw Council of the Wise the first time, my first thought was that it could make my Rohan toolbox deck really shine. I spent the last days to make the deck a reliable solo playing experience, but ultimately I conceded.

This ally and resource focussed deck type did some incredible performances drawing Gúthwinë or Gamling in combination with Horn of the Mark early. But without seeing one of these cards (which is quite possible in 3 out of 50) it is really difficult. Typically, you run out of allies that can be played and you cannot counter the development of the encounter. I included every draw option available, but this is still not enough to get a stable perfomance.

I decided to share the deck anyway, because it is really fun to play. Every game is different and it feels cool using all these different discard effects and options provided by the contract to solve the current issue. I can absolutly recommend to play it against encounters with low to medium difficulty or by playing easy mode.

I cannot say a lot about the strategy, because there is no one strategy. You really have to see what you get and make the best of it. Enjoy the variation provided by the contract.