Gloin Resource Engine (Single Core Only) 2.0

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Gloin Resource Engine (Single Core Only) 1.0 1 0 0 1.0
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Gloin Resource Engine (Single Core Only) 6.0 18 11 0 6.0
The Gloinerator - Single Core Resource Engine 1 0 0 1.0
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Tribster 85

Tribster has a newer deck inspired by this one: Gloin Resource Engine (Single Core Only) 6.0

This deck revolves around Gloin's ability to accumulate a resource whenever he receives a wound. With Denathor's ability to scry the encounter deck, you can plan whether Gloin can take damage undefended in order to take damage, which you can then heal off the damage with the deck's many healing effects (Glorfindel, Daughter of Nimrodel, Lore of Imladris, Self Preservation). Defending with Gloin is also an option, but ideally the damage would come from undefended (after scrying, if necessary) or when revealed effects.

Card draw is also important as you will need to make efficient use of all the resources. Additionally, the faster you can draw into Sneak Attack, Gandalf, Ever Vigilant, and Valiant Sacrifice (or some combination there of), the better, as that combo can help to clear a clogged board, enabling the development of a board state. With this deck you will have plenty of cards in hand to make the best use of moments, to discard for Protector of Lorien, or to enable easier travel to Necromancer's Pass.

I prefer Steward of Gondor on Glorfindel, as the Lore cards can be costly, and you have an option of using him as a blocker with For Gondor after it is given the Gondor trait. Self Preservation, Protector of Lorien, and Celebrians Stone can all go on Gloin, turning him into a quester if you need Glorfindel's attack strength. That means you will need to prioritize undefended damage to Gloin (just be sure to use Denathor or Henamarth Riversong to scry the shadow card). This deck really likes Necromancer's Reach and other when revealed damage effects, so keep those on the top.

This is a fun deck to play with, as you will have lots of options to choose from on every turn. Gandalf is very important in this deck to mitigate the weakness that this deck has, which is attack strength. In order to get the engine going properly, make sure your opening hand has some card draw and healing so you can put damage on Gloin and load up your hand as soon as possible.

Update 1: Cut 1x Ever Vigilant, Added 1x Grim Resolve. With all the available resources, Grim Resolve is playable and would further mitigate the deck's low attack strength.


Sep 17, 2020 warlock000 1400

Sweet deck, very unusual combination of heroes (in a great way!).

Sep 17, 2020 Guccigreek 29

Why brok?

Sep 17, 2020 Tribster 85

Yes, Brok has since been cut. I've been modifying this deck quite a bit, and version 6 should be linked above, which actually shows that brok was cut and replaced with Dark Knowledge. Brok I thought would be a nice backup plan if something were to happen with gloin, but I realized that that isn't exactly practical. Dark Knowledge helps to prevent Gloin's death, which is far better than a weak backup plan in case he does die.