Gloin Resource Engine (Single Core Only) 6.0

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Passage Through Mirkwood - 1 Player - 2020-09-18
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Tribster 73

This deck revolves around Gloin's ability to receive resources whenever suffering damage. His potential is limited by his 4 HP (aka the fuel tank), but with help from the Lore sphere we can heal off damage in order to allow him to take more damage and therefore receive more resources (aka filling up the fuel tank).

The core set features many different Lore healing effects; some are more resource-efficient, others are less-so. Self Preservation pays for itself after 1 use, and subsequent uses yield free resources. Daughter of the Nimrodel pays for itself after 2 turns (if used efficiently, then the second use will provide net 1 resource), and subsequent uses yield free resources. Lore of Imladris and Glorfindel's ability are both 1:1 in terms of (Lore) Resources Spent:(Leadership) Resources Gained, so these are mostly meant to keep Gloin from accumulating 4 damage tokens during combat phase.

What will we do with these extra resources? Ideally it would be to expedite the establishment of a board-state consisting of allies that can contribute in a variety of ways, as well as to bring into play Gandalf as soon and often as possible. We also have the flexibility to play plenty of situational events should they be beneficial.

We will need 2 Lore heroes to drive Lore resource accumulation, because there is no way to accelerate it other than with Steward of Gondor. These heroes are Glorfindel and Denethor. Glorfindel has a wonderfully supplemental stat-line, allowing him to quest or attack effectively, depending on the situation. Denethor is also multi-functional, serving as an effective blocker, or scrying the encounter deck during the many possible action windows when it may be useful. Using Denethor effectively is critical for success, so all I can say about that is that the more he is played, the more it will be understood how best to use him in a given round. But I will say that preventing Gloin's death is of utmost importance, which means that using Denethor to scout for shadow effects may be necessary at times. I have found myself using Denethor in a variety of ways in a single game, and I have grown to appreciate the benefit of character usage efficiency that his scry ability can bring about.

Gandalf is a huge contributor, as was alluded to earlier. His value is maximized with a number of supporting event cards, namely Sneak Attack, Evert Vigilant, Valiant Sacrifice, Grim Resolve, and For Gondor!. With the card draw that this deck features (Gleowine, Lorien's Wealth, and Valiant Sacrifice), along with the extra resources, Gandalf could be making multiple appearances.

The deck also features a number of utilities that should find use, including Miner of the Iron Hills (condition removal, blocking), Erebor Hammersmith (attachment recursion, blocking), Faramir (quest buffing or general-use), Guard of the Citadel (general-use, cheap board-state fillers which can be buffed with For Gondor!), Henamarth Riversong (intel gathering), Longbeard Orc Slayer (combat phase specialist), Celebrian's Stone (for Gloin or Glorfindel), Dark Knowledge (for Denethor), Forest Snare (to compensate for lower attack strength and save would-be blockers), Protector of Lorien (on either Gloin or Glorfindel), Common Cause (to increase hero use flexibility), Ever Vigilant (for Gandalf or general ally use flexibility, seeing how many of the allies have exhaust abilities), For Gondor! (to compensate for lower attack strength), Grim Resolve (because this deck can afford such a powerful effect), and Radagast's Cunning/Secret Paths (to keep threat level low, and can be used in conjunction with Denethor or Henamarth Riversong to pre-determine quest outcomes).

In summary, this is a fun deck to play, featuring large resource pools and hand sizes, enabling a high volume of cards played and options weighed. Thanks for checking it out, and have fun!

Update 1: Cut 1x Ever Vigilant, Added 1x Grim Resolve. With all the available resources, Grim Resolve is playable and would further mitigate the deck's low attack strength.

Update 2: Cut 1x Snowbourn Scout, Added 1x Ever Vigilant, realizing that this deck wants as much contribution from Gandalf as possible. Snowbourn Scout is good, but it doesn't contribute on attack, and I have other ways to facilitate questing that I can easily afford to reduce my quantity from 3 to 2 in order to significantly increase the potential of overall Gandalf domination.

Update 3: Cut 2x Snowbourn Scout, Added 2x Common Cause. By recalling the riders of Rohan, their purpose being only to expedite travelling and chump blocking, I can add greater flexibility with my hero actions. This deck might make great use of this card, as I am already incentivised to hold Denathor back. If I am comfortable blocking or taking undefended damage with Gloin, then I can give Glorfindel another opportunity to justify his huge cost by allowing him to swing at an enemy (again, in order to mitigate low attack strength).

Update 4: Cut 1x Brok Ironfist, Added 1x Dark Knowledge. Brok Ironfist is not something I'd want to use Sneak Attack on, and costing 6 resources means that he would likely be played when I already had the upper hand (which is harder achieve if those 6 resources couldn't be otherwise spent on Gandalf). I would much rather have Dark Knowledge in my opening hand than Brok Ironfist, and I also would much prefer to draw into Dark Knowledge during the "first half" of the game, as it would mean giving Gloin more info to know whether or not he can or can't take the hit (undefended or defended). Brok Ironfist is a weak insurance policy, or an expensive card for the stats, and ultimately Dark Knowledge would likely contribute more to a victory as it can be played on turn 1, and is more helpful towards creating advantage than Brok Ironfist ever likely could. This card obviously goes on Denethor.