Deep Green

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AJ_800 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Deep Green

This is a Vilya deck that aims to use mono- benefits to control the terms of engagement, especially before Vilya and a range of powerful allies are in play.

How to play:

  • In most cases, mulligan for Vilya. However, if there is already a viable target in the staging area (such as the Hill Troll in Journey Along the Anduin), you may wish to mulligan for The Great Hunt.
  • Recruit Master of the Forge early on to help with finding Vilya.
  • Once Vilya is equipped to Elrond, use it every turn unless you need Elrond for something else.
  • The second target is Imladris Stargazer, who will time the deck for optimum uses of Vilya and card draw.
  • The next targets are Gildor Inglorion and Firyal. The fact that these allies are in sphere gives some flexibility in how they are brought into play if required.
  • Keep collecting copies of Vilya in case the one attached to Elrond is lost. Master of the Forge can keep finding these spare copies as well as providing a deck shuffle when needed.
  • Use the events to control enemy engagements, and attack smaller enemies with Haldir of L√≥rien in turns where no enemies have been engaged.
  • Remember that The Great Hunt can also be played from the top of the deck using Vilya instead of paying for it from the three Heroes' resource pools if necessary. This is still a combat action and must be done during the combat phase.
  • The deck can run in 'Green Mode' while Vilya is unavailable. 16 Allies and 15 complimentary events are all in sphere or neutral.

I would welcome any feedback or comments.