Gandalf Pipe

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tealc 8

tealc has a newer deck inspired by this one: Gandalf Pipe

Another attempt at looping Gaffer Gamgee, I play with a group and am in a sort of flex/support role. I've found being able to keep threat low and take an enemy to Gaffer Gamgeeevery turn is a good role to fill so trying to make that work.

Here you largely just use (MotK) Bilbo Baggins to fetch yourself a pipe turn 1, should be the Wizard Pipe if you don't end up with it naturally. Then we draw a lot of cards with events like Old Toby and Hobbit Pipe, generate additional resources with Gandalf's Staff, Hidden Cache/Expert Treasure-hunter. Lastly Merryis only here to combo with my fellowship member playing archers, but I'm hoping we can keep threat low enough with The The Galadhrim's Greeting and Smoke Ringsto get use of Raise the Shire, just to tutor our Gaffer Gamgee.