The Rohirrim Arrive

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Some Sort 3141

Mono-tactics questing deck. Get hype!

The newly-released Éowyn really shifts the boundaries of Tactics in terms of what it's capable of. Paired with Théoden, you're questing for 8 out of the box. Add in Bofur and Grimbold, pretty much the only decent questing allies in the sphere, and you've got 12 Willpower a round. Solid!

What are you giving up for that willpower? Not much; splash in a bit of Spirit and Rohan comes complete with a huge dose of action advantage in the form of Snowmane and Unexpected Courage. Theoden-king can also grab his sword along with his brand new shield to attack for six and defend for five. (Or give Theoden a Spear and pass the shield to Eowyn, instead; she'll still defend for five.)

For the third hero, you know I'm not going to be able to build a Tactics Rohan deck without including Háma; I'm hardly able to build a Silvan or Noldor deck without including Háma.

But the Doorward of the Meduseld makes a Rohan deck even Rohannier. He's not just a bot for recycling Feint and Foe-hammer, he also lets you get semi-regular use out of Forth Eorlingas!, (provided you can keep some enemies in staging).

Tactics is normally desperately hurting for draw, with only Legolas and the aforementioned Foe-hammer at its disposal. But with Háma and Song of Travel already in play, we can add the best Háma toy in the toolkit. No, not Feint. Elven-light! Not only does an Elven-light give you an infinite supply of discards to fuel your event recycling, but it also lets you draw a card with each attack.

It feels weird to be building a deck without any tricky jank, but I feel Tactics finally came into its own as a mono-viable sphere, and I think it's time to give it its due.


Aug 08, 2016 Darkling Door 5058

I just built essentially this deck not an hour ago! Your version looks more polished than mine did--I didn't include Elven-light and was hurting for card draw.

One trick I did find useful was to include Master Ironsmith as an alternative way to get Herugrim out, which I was able to pull off a few times.

Aug 08, 2016 Some Sort 3141

I gave him some thought, for sure, and if I'd had any other weapons or armor that cost more than 1 I might have gone with him. As it is, he's a bit expensive, especially since Herugrim is only 2-cost if you're playing it straight.

It also helps that Herugrim is perhaps the least important toy. Between Theoden's built-in 3, Hama, Legolas, Azain, Bofur, and No Living Man Am I mode on T'Eowyn, there's already a lot of attack to go around.

Aug 08, 2016 Gizlivadi 1007

How long does it take you to set up? This lineup looks awesome and I can't wait to get FOTW to make a mono-Tactics deck with Eowyn and Theoden. Have you tried it yet? I guess you need to rely first on Foe-hammer and Spear combo until you find that Song of Travel to play your Spirit cards. that is, if you don't get it early of course. Still, how well has it worked for you?

Aug 08, 2016 Some Sort 3141

Having three different draw cards really makes a big difference in terms of landing one of them early enough to make a difference, (even if Legolas is expensive and Elven-light / Foe-hammer both require a second card to work). I find I'm able to land some sort of supplementary draw early the strong majority of the time, though if it's Elven-light, it can be taxing on my resources. (Resource generation is one of the only areas where Tactics is still really lagging.)

The nice thing about the faction is it's not really a combo faction so much as a big slate of really solid cards that all work well together. There are lots of different solutions to the game's problems, and while you can never tell from game to game which you're going to get, there's a pretty good chance that you get something. I'd say it's not really "getting set up" so much as it's just continually supplementing and augmenting what it can already do.

There are lots of good sources of Willpower. (Eowyn, Theoden, Bofur, Grimbold.) There are lots of good defensive options. (Golden Shield, Defender of Rammas, Honour Guard, Hama/Feint.) There are lots of good offensive options. (Hama, Theoden, Azain, Legolas, Herugrim, Beastmode Eowyn.) Again, there's nothing really tricky, it's just an all-around solid deck with a lot of all-around solid responses to the three main parts of the round, (questing, defending, and attacking).

Aug 08, 2016 Aorakis