Rohan Threat Tricks

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MarvelsTold 3

The deck is probably hot garbage for anything with real difficulty, but I want to see if Fastred and Dunhere synergy is at all effective. Maybe pair it with a Lore healing deck


Mar 15, 2022 aermet69 1

I think you need another color. With this, he can Dunhere can reach 4 STR. That only takes out small enemies. You need to up his attack some more I think.

Mar 15, 2022 MarvelsTold 3

I don't disagree. This should be able to take the first core quest, but that's about it. I saw the trick, just got my Two Towers Saga boxes sorted, and Theoden was giving me that look.

Mar 15, 2022 Turgon 284

DĂșnhere pairs very well with Spear of the Mark...maybe add in somehow. I actually made a deck pretty similar to this recently: So you could try changing your hero lineup to DĂșnhere, Fastred, and Herubrand, they work very well together....