Joey's Deck w/ Bill & Seb

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xer0c00l25 1

Spirit/Spirit/Tactics deck built to quest, and serve as backup combat. Also has threat reduction, a small amount of card draw, and combat aid.

Éowyn- provides a discard outlet for all players to aid with questing. Her only role is to quest.

Glorfindel- attach Light of Valinor to prevent threat increase, and to be able to quest and attack. attach 2 #Rivendell Blade to skip 4 defense on enemy. attach Unexpected Courage to be able to attack twice. use Fair and Perilous to boost attack for bosses/large enemies.

Beregond- buff w/ weapons to be able to be a power-blocker. attach Gondorian Shield to boost defense. attach Spear of the Citadel to get hits in from blocking. attach Unexpected Courage to be able to block twice.

Use 3rd Unexpected Courage on best option among Bill and Seb's heroes. Use the other Gondorian Shield on Seb's best blockers or discard to Éowyn. Attach remaining Spear of the Citadel to other tactics characters (allies or heroes) or discard to Éowyn. If needed, can use Fair and Perilous on Bills elves.

The Galadhrim's Greeting and Elrond's Counsel reduce threat. Ancient Mathom draws cards for any of us, and Foe-hammer for myself. A Test of Will and hasty stroke protect from enemy effects. good harvest lets me use blue to cast Beorn.

Beorn is [hopefully] a constant blocker/attacker, and can use a spear of the citadel. Beorn is also a good one-time boss killer. Bofur, ethir swordsman, and silvan refugee all add questing power. Arwen does, too, but also adds defense wherever needed. northern tracker ads location management.

notably missing: resource generation and healing.