Elven Light Dispels the Darkness

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Birdman137 18

Elven light dispels the darkness with the help of some eagles.

This is my solo, progression deck that I used to beat Shadow and Flame. Vilya and Resourceful are the engines that drive this deck. It is imperative to get enough allies in play to stay ahead of the Balrog's insatiable appetite so resource generation and free allies are very welcome.

On stage 1 Glorfindel was the main quester to make sure I was making progress on the quest. Legolas also helped out with this if with a few squishy enemies appearing. On stage 2, I ended up not even trying to make any quest progress since I had enough attack power to take the Balrog's HP down to 0 in a couple turns, which then also made stage 3 very easy.

Rivendell Blade and Support of the Eagles both go on Legolas to turn him into an attacking machine. Resourceful and Horn of Gondor go on Elrond to help with resource smoothing. Miner of the Iron Hills is there in case you get hit with one of those pesky Watchful Eyes cards. Mirkwood Runner would be able to take out a number of enemies alone on this quest (plus I've always wanted to get him into more decks and Vilya takes care of the kind of high cost).

This deck features a bunch of high-cost allies such as Radagast, Landroval, and Gildor Inglorion that I may not typically include in my deck due to cost, but Vilya makes that problem go away. The high cost allies are also great for when you get to stage 3 and are trying to push the Balrog into the pit.

When I first put this deck together I was a little worried about the lack of readying but that wasn't too much of an issue with being able to keep lots of allies in play. The other thing to watch out for with this deck is the number of unique allies. Vilya may occasionally whiff if you already have one of them in play.