Aragorn and the Noldor elves

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Zyttorin 43

Zyttorin has a newer deck inspired by this one: Aragorn and the noldor elves

Aragorn should start with the title Estel


Oct 07, 2022 Magus 2

There are a lot of discard effects here, but the only card that can give net card draw appears to be 2x Lindir (Estel is great for finding combo pieces, but is still only exchanging one card for another).

Consider including Elven-Light - a staple event for Noldor decks (or even just any deck with hero Arwen), as with enough discard effects it effectively allows you to convert resources to cards at will!

Oct 07, 2022 Zyttorin 43

Hey Magus,

thank you very much for your help. Your comment contains a reference to improve my Deck. I did not notice Elven-light earlier for no reason :P However this card is a must have!

Oct 07, 2022 Magus 2

Cool cool! Glad I could help!

Oct 08, 2022 Zyttorin 43

I rebuilt my Deck. Look at version 3.0. I have played it once so far. The first impression is very good.

What is your opinion?

Oct 08, 2022 Magus 2

I like that you also brought in Relic of Nargothrond! It looks like a really good choice for this deck - it's still playable even when discarded, shores up a weaker point in your hero lineup (defense), and can even go on Guardian of Rivendell.